06 Dec


*Workshop: Interpreting collective Interprise*

Language is power. If you don’t have access to words, to forms of
expression and to current topics, you will be effectively excluded from
a group. If you don’t know anything about quantum mechanics
(gentrification/ queer theory/ …), you won’t be able to make much of a
presentation about quantum mechanics even if is translated into your
language. Can a talk be called “fully accessible” for everyone because
it is being interpreted into different languages?

In this little workshop, we would like to present our interpreting
collective InterpRISE and talk with you about recurring questions and
problems linked to the topic of interpreting at left-oriented/
emancipatory/ self- organized events. Apart from our perspective as
interpreters, we will include the perspectives of people who use
interpretation. Furthermore, we would like to exchange experiences with
you, the ones who organize events and are interested in interpreting.
Do you provide interpretation for your events? If you do, why – if you
don’t, why not? Whom do you reach and reach out to with the topics you
choose (are there differences?), and whom would you like to reach?

WHERE? Bäckerei, Josephstraße 12
WHEN? Wednesday, December 14th, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm (informal chat til

The workshop will take place in German. We can provide interpretation
into English and French.

Please let us know whether you will be attending via e-mail:
*interprise@nirgendwo.info*. Please also tell us which language(s) you
would like to use during the workshop.

For more info about the collective, visit:

Interpreting collective Interprise